Become a prescriber for Australia's largest network of plant medicine patients.

Join Alternaleaf's expert team of doctors to deliver exceptional patient outcomes and drive new standards in plant medicine.

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Reliable, easy-to-use telehealth care

Illustration of our patient management systemIllustration of our patient management system

Our simple Patient Management System means you can focus on providing the care your patients deserve

Automated patient flow

Set your available hours and receive pre-qualified patients direct to your calendar.


Our PMS handles all the scheduling, billing and scripting so you're free to focus on your patients.

Telehealth consultations

Start the consult with a click and access the tools you need, from wherever you may be.

An end-to-end solution for practitioners

Our cutting-edge telehealth system makes it easier for you to serve your patients.

Patient acquisition

We take care of patient screening, scheduling, pre-consultation notes and more, while also ensuring patients are engaged and prepared for their appointment.

Minimal admin

Manage every stage of the patient relationship online. Access all your patients, prescriptions and invoices though the one simple dashboard.

Remote & flexible

Our fully telehealth system matches you with eligible patients from all over Australia, whenever you're available. Deliver high-quality medical care with easy video conferencing, eScript integration and digital patient files.

Best-in-class clinical & technical support

Our team of highly trained Registered Nurses provide exceptional pre-consultation care and clinical assistance. Our technical systems are always being monitored and upgraded to ensure you and your patients have the best possible experience.

Not ready to prescribe plant medicine?

If you have a patient inquiring about plant medicine, complete our referral form and we'll match them with the right specialist for their condition and history.

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Looking to expand your skills into plant medicine?

We invite you to explore our preferred education provider, SAGED.  ​

Whether you are entering this field for the first time, or committed to developing your expertise, SAGED is curating a curriculum to support your growth. Subscribe to the newsletter to gain invaluable insights into plant medicine in Australia.​

Applicants who have completed SAGED courses are highly regarded at Alternaleaf.